Resources Monitor

Mar 15, 2018

Resources Monitor is a user interface control that appears in many places of TCommander Bot. It shows the resources details contained in warehouse and granary buildings by displaying in real time (animates numbers changes) the amount of resources, fill percent and time remaining to fill the warehouse/granary among other details.

See animation below:

Resource Monitor Animation

Resources Monitor animation


Resources Monitor has 2 main bars: left bar shows the resources in warehouse (Lumber, Clay and Iron) and right bar shows the resource in granary (Crop). Left side of each bar has the capacity of warehouse and granary respectively; see highlighted red squares in image below:

Resources Monitor : Warehouse/Granary capacity

Resources Monitor : Warehouse/Granary capacity


Single Resources Monitor

Each resource type (Lumber, Clay, Iron or Crop) is displayed by a single Resources Monitor. For example, the following image shows the details of Lumber Monitor:

Lumber Monitor

Lumber Monitor


  1. Square 1 highlights the amount of lumber stored in warehouse.
  2. Square 2 highlights production per hour. In this case the production is 1050 lumber per hour (1050/h).
  3. Square 3 highlights the progress bar detailing the progress of lumber. Left number represents the percentage of lumber amount against warehouse capacity (Fill percentage). And right numbers represent to time remaining to fill warehouse (hours:minutes:seconds).Another important information is the color of the progress bar. In above image it is a green progress bar. But if fill percentage is above 75% it becomes yellow. And if fill percentage is above 95% it becomes red. This is a good way to alert you when the warehouse is about to be full.


All this information is very useful to know the state of the resource and anticipate when warehouse will be full. Now you can plan your buildings list strategy easily, for example, to upgrade warehouse before it is full. Or plan your next merchants route strategy if you see it from Overview´s Resource sub-tab.

The rest of single monitors (Clay Monitor, Iron Monitor and Crop monitor) have the same behavior.


Crop Monitor

Unlike lumber, clay, and iron monitors; Crop Monitor has a slight different behavior when crop production is negative: The crop amount becomes red and the time remaining in progress bar represents the time remaining to empty the granary instead of the time to fill it, see image below.


Crop Monitor

Crop Monitor


Sample image above shows a crop production of -3156 per hour and time remaining to empty granary is 17:44:43 (17 hours, 44 minutes and 43 seconds).

Now you can anticipate when your granary is going to be empty before your troops start dying. With this information you can start planning your merchants route strategy to send crops to this village.



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