Scheduled Attacks

Oct 31, 2018

Scheduled Attacks feature allows you to plan your attacks to send troops at specific date and time. This amazing feature can be used to combine multiple attacks and conquer villages while your enemies are sleeping or plan attacks with your alliance members. This feature can also be used to defend your allies and make sure your defensive troops arrive before the attack strikes the target village.

We suggest you first to read previous manuals to make normal attacks and fake attacks before using schedule attacks feature. 

Scheduled Attack by Arrival Time options

In the following image you may see all options to make a scheduled attack:

Scheduled Attacks options

Scheduled Attacks options

  1. This option allows you to select between two types of scheduled attacks: “Schedule by Arrival Time” (default) or “Schedule by Departure Time“. So you can schedule your attack by defining the time when the attack will arrive exactly to target village or the time when your troops will depart from source village respectively.
    In the current example we will explain “Schedule by Arrival Time”.
  2. Arrival Time: This date-time picker allows to define the exact moment when the troops will arrive to target village.
  3. Tournamente Square Level: You must set the level of Tournament Square of current village to calculate departure time correctly. If your village has no Tournament Square, just set 0 level (default).
  4. Speed Artifact: If your current village is affected by any speed Artifact, here you must set the appropiate artifact boost option in order to calculare departure time correctly.Speed Artifact options
  5. Hero Boots: If your hero is using any speed boots, here you must set it in order to calculate the departure time correctly, otherwise set set “No Boots” (default). This option is available only if hero is part of troops to be sent:
    Hero Boots options
  6. Left-hand item: If your hero is using any speed item in left hand, here you must set it in order to calculate departure time correctly, otherwise just set “No Item” (default). This option is available only if hero is part of troops to be sent:
    Hero Left-hand item options

Once all options are set, Departure Time is calculated automaticaly and you are ready to push “SCHEDULE” button to add the attack to the list of scheduled attacks:

schedule butto

Attack by Departure Time

Schedule by Departure Time” has same options as Schedule by Arrival Time. The only difference is that you must define the departure time that you want to send troops, so TCommander Bot will be able calculate and show you the exact arrival time.

schedule by departure time

Schedule By Departure Time


You have two ways to define Departure Time:

  1. By Remaining Time: Which is defined in the first upper row (in) by setting number of hours and minutes. For example, if you set 30 minutes. The attack will be sent in 30 minutes from the moment that you click  “SCHEDULE” button.
  2. By Exact Date and Time: To define the exact moment to send the troops. This is defined in Departure Time  date-time picker. 

Scheduled Attacks Grid

Once you click “SCHEDULE” button. The scheduled attack is added in the Scheduled Attacks Grid where you can manage all your scheduled Attacks:

Scheduled Attacks Grid

Scheduled Attacks Grid (click to enlarge)

The grid has the following columns:

  • Target: Shows the target village name, player name or alliance name depending of the selected target.
  • Departure: Shows the exact date and time when the troops will be sent.
  • Arrival: Shows the exact time when the troops will arrive to target position.
  • Troops: Shows the troop units to be sent.
  • Catapult: If any catapult target option has been set, you will see target buildings to be destroyed by catapults.
  • Remaining Time: Shows the remaining time to send the troops. When this counter reaches 0 seconds, the troops will be sent.
  • Status: It may have the following statuses: “Pending”, “Sending Troops”, “Sent” or “Failed”. Each status is self-explanatory.If TCommander fails to send the troops. It will show a warning icon where you can over the mouse to see the reason of the failure:

    Scheduled Attack Failed

    Scheduled Attack Failed

The failure is not an error or bug of TCommander bot, it depends of the situation of the server. The possible reasons of failure are:

  • “There is not village in target position”: This happens if you selected a target position where there is no village in the moment when the troops are about to be sent.
  • “You cannot reinforce a Natar village”: This happens if you try to reinforce a Natar village. You should know that Natars villages cannot be reinforced.
  • “Missing RallyPoint”: This happen if your village has no Rallypoint in the moment when the troops are about to be sent. Maybe because your village was attacked by catapults before.
  • “Not Enough troops in village to send”: This happens if there are not enough troops in Rallypoint to send the scheduled attacks. Maybe because in that moment you are using your troops to farm or maybe they were killed by an enemy.
  • “Target has beginner protection”: This happens if you try to attack a village of a player who has Beginner´s protection.
  • “You still have beginner protection”: This happens if you try to attack someone else while you still have beginner´s protection. You should know that you cannot attack other players while you have this protection.
  • You can reinforce only allies“: This is a new game rule where you can reinforce only alliance members.


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