How to Search Farms in map quickly

May 12, 2018

You spend many hours searching for new farms on the map manually. In TCommander Bot you can save that time of manual work and search farms very quickly and automatically. Just set maximum distance, tribes and maximum population desired and push a button to discover tons of farms available in few seconds.

In this manual we are going to cover the steps to use such amazing feature.

First locate and click “Search Farms” button in your farms list, see image below:


Search Farms Button

Search Farms Button

“Search Farms” popup window will appear:

Search Farms

Search Farms

Search Options

You can filter search results by the following options:

  • Maximum Distance: The maximum distance to search. TCommander will search from the current village to a maximum distance. Fields with larger distances will be excluded.
  • Tribe: It has 7 tribe checkboxes to select from. It has Gauls, Romans, Germans, Egyptians and Huns checkboxes selected by default. You can also select Natars and Nature.
  • Village Population: You can set minimum and maximum population values to search farms by population between these two values.
  • Include villages with alliance? Whether you want to show villages owned by an alliance in search results or not.
  • Include villages without alliance? Whether you want to show villages that or not owned by an alliance in search results or not.
  • Include Farms from other farms lists? This option is very important when you have more than one farm list or when you are farming from more than one village. It means whether you want to include farms that are already added in other farms list in TCommander. If you keep it disabled (default and recommended). Farms will not be repeated in every farm list, which is the desired behavior.
  • Filter by Player Population? If you enable this option, an extra field will appear:Search Farms Filter By Player Population
    Player Population field will appear. Player population is the sum of all villages population owned by the player. Here you will be able to set miminum and maximum values to search farms by player population between these two values. This field is good to control the size of a player to farm and avoid any surprise by farming tiny villages that are owned by big players.

NOTE: By default villages owned by current player´s alliance will not be shown in search results to avoid farming allies.

Search Speed

This field is useful to select the speed to search on map. It has three options: Fast, Medium and Slow. Fast speed is not recommended if you are going search large distances, Medium and Slow speed are more secure.

Selecting search speed helps you to choose how fast it will consult the map which means how fast it will send an HTTP request to server. The slower you search, the less suspicious is your account activity and less probable to get caught by a MultiHunter.

If you are going to search short distances and only a few searches, you can use Fast speed. But if you are going to search large distances it is better to choose medium or slow speed to reduce number of HTTP requests per minute.


Search Results Grid

After filling the fields to search, you can click “Search Farms” button to start searching farms. The Results Grid will be showing farms live while they are found:

Search Farms Results Grid

Search Farms Results Grid

Results Grid contains the following columns:

  • Farm: Shows tribe icon with farm name or village name.
  • X/Y: Displays the position of farm with a link to game web page to see that position in map.
  • Distance: Shows the distance between current village and farm. You can click this column´s header to order the list of farm by distance.
  • Population: Shows number of inhabitants in the farm. You can click this column´s header to order the list by population.
  • Player Population: This column is visible only if “Filter by Player Population?” is enabled. And it will show sum of all villages population owned by a player.
  • Player: Shows player´s name that owns the farm. You can click this column´s header to order the list alphabetically by player´s name.
  • Alliance: Shows Alliance´s name if player belongs to an alliance. You can click this column´s header to order the list alphabetically by alliance name.You may notice that farms without alliance will be listed first if you order it alphabetically. This is a good feature if you want to add farms without alliance only; you could delete the rest of farms with alliance name easily (see “Deleting Farms from Grid” below).
  • Members: Show number of members of the alliance. This is good data to discover weak or inactive players. Usually players in alliance with single or few member are weak and has no other players to ask for help.


Delete Farms from Grid

After searching farms and the results grid is populated. You can optionally delete those farms that you don’t want to add to your farms list.

To do so you may select a farm by clicking any farm row or select multiple farms by holding CTRL key and continue clicking farm rows. You can even select many farms in a row by clicking the first farm then hold CTRL + SHIFT keys and click the last farm. See image bellow:

Select Mutiple Rows

Select Mutiple Rows

After you select the rows to be deleted you can press DEL key or push “Delete” button to delete the rows:

Delete Button

Delete Button


In “All Farms as Active” checkbox you enable or disable farms when they are added to the farms list.


Raid Settings Button: Use this button to edit raid strategy of current farm list. For more details see this manual: Raid Strategy.


And finally click “Add Farms” button to add the farms to your farms list.


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