Send On Under Siege Route

Send On Under Siege Route type helps you to save your resources when your village is under attack. This is a defensive feature useful when you have no cranny in village or when crannies are not enough to save all your resources. TCommander Bot sends the resources to another village owned by you when village is under siege.


Attack Recognition Requirement

In order to use Send On Under Siege Route type, “Attack Recognition” feature must be enabled. Attack Recognition scans Rallypoint periodically to detect any incoming attacks. So it is mandatory to enable it if you really want to make this route type to work. “Attack Recognition” is enabled by default.


Adding Send On Under Siege Route

Send On Under Siege Route becomes available only after you have more than one village in your account. You can use it only to send resources to villages owned by you.

Creating Send On Under Siege Route is very simple, you only need one parameter: destination village.

When you open dialog to create new route, just select destination village from “Destination” dropdown list and select “Send On Under Siege” from “Route Type” dropdown list:

Add Send On Under Siege Route

Add Send On Under Siege Route

And finally click “Save” button.

That was very easy!!


Send On Under Siege Route Sending Logic

First it checks if there are any attacking troops incoming.

Incoming Attack

Incoming Attack

If there are any incoming attacks and there are merchants available in home village it tries to send as much resources as possible to fill all merchants available. Resources amount is adjusted to not send more than the warehouse/granary capacity of destination village. Then if total resources amount fills at least one merchant, the resources are sent. Also the amount of resources is rounded and adjusted to simulate a human player sending resources.


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