Send On Under Siege Route

Apr 6, 2018

Send On Under Siege Route type helps you to save your resources when your village is under attack. This is a defensive feature useful when you have no cranny in village or when crannies are not enough to save all your resources. TCommander Bot sends the resources to another village owned by you when village is under siege.


Attack Recognition Requirement

In order to use Send On Under Siege Route type, “Attack Recognition” feature must be enabled. Attack Recognition scans Rallypoint periodically to detect any incoming attacks. So it is mandatory to enable it if you really want to make this route type to work. “Attack Recognition” is enabled by default.


Adding Send On Under Siege Route

Send On Under Siege Route becomes available only after you have more than one village in your account. You can use it only to send resources to villages owned by you.

Creating Send On Under Siege Route is very simple.

Just select destination village from “Destination” dropdown list and select “Send On Under Siege” from “Route Type” dropdown list:

Send on under siege route

Send on under siege route

Available options for this route type:

  1. Send if oasis under attack too: It will save and send your resources if any oasis owned by current village is under attack too.
  2. Don’t send if destination is under attack: It will not send resources if destination village is also under attack.
  3. Full merchants only: It will send only the resources amount that fills your available merchants. This feature will increase your resources shipment’s efficiency.


And finally click “Save” button.

That was very easy!!


Send On Under Siege Route Sending Logic

First it checks if there are any attacking troops incoming.

Incoming Attack

Incoming Attack

If there are any incoming attacks and there are merchants available in home village it tries to send as much resources as possible to fill all merchants available. Resources amount is adjusted to not send more than the warehouse/granary capacity of destination village. Then if total resources amount fills at least one merchant, the resources are sent. Also the amount of resources is rounded and adjusted to simulate a human player sending resources.


Amount calculation logic – Checking other shipments under progress

After calculating the amount of resources to be sent, it’s possible that the bot only sends a portion of it or don’t send any resources at all. Pay attention:

travian bot checks if there are other resource shipments under way to the same target village from different source villages. It’s possible that the total amount of resources being sent from other villages already fills the target village, in this case the bot will not send any resources from current route to avoid overfilling target village and do not lose resources unnecesarily.

Or if the total amount of resources under way from other villages plus a portion of the amount to be sent from current village fills the target village, then the bot will send only a portion of the calculated resources to not overfill target village.

This resource calculation improvement is made to avoid losing resources unnecesarily when sending resources from many villages to the same target village.

So if you have a few or several villages feeding the same target village, the bot will calculate the total amount of resources that is being sent among all source villages. If the total amount already fills the free space in target village warehouses, then it will not allow any route to send more resources until the other villages finish sending their resources.

This way you can setup many villages to feed capital, for example, and each source village will send resources when they are available and you will never lose resources for overfilling target village warehouses.

This logic to check other shipments from other sources is done for other route types too.


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