Supply Buildings Queue Route

Supply Buildings Queue Route helps you to keep your villages buildings under construction all the time. Imagine your empire will never stop building new buildings due to lack of resources. That is the purpose of this route type, to help you to distribute resources among your villages to continue building and growing your infrastructure 24/7 non-stop.

Supply Buildings Queue Route sends resources to one of your villages when they need to build a building from Buildings Queue and has not enough resources to build. Then it calculates how much resources is needed to be sent.



Adding Supply Buildings Queue Route

Supply Buildings Queue Route becomes available only after you have more than one village in your account. This route type makes sense only to send resource to your own villages.

To Supply Buildings Queue Route you only need set 2 parameters:

  1. Destination village.
  2. Up to first X buildings in queue: to define how many buildings to support maximum from destination buildings queue.
Supply Buildings Queue Route

Supply Buildings Queue Route

Available options:

  1. Don’t send if destination is under attack: It will not send resources if destination village is also under attack.
  2. Full merchants only: It will send only the resources amount that fills the required merchants. This feature will increase your resources shipment’s efficiency.


That was very easy!!


Supply Buildings Queue Route Sending Logic

Supply Buildings Queue Route is synchronized with Buildings Queue of destination village. It will send resources to destination village only if the following requirements are met:

  1. Destination village buildings queue shows in red “Not enough resources!” on top.
  2. Source village has enough resources to build at least one building from queue.
  3. Source village has enough merchants to send the required resources.

So the bot checks if destination village is lack of resources to build next building in queue, see red message in image below:

Lack of Resources

Lack of Resources


If this occurs and source village has enough resources and merchants, Marketplace Automator calculates how much resources are needed to help buildings construction and will try to send as much resources as possible.

For example: Let´s say that you set “Up to first X buildings in queue” to 5.

The bot will try to send the total resources to build the first 5 buildings in queue. If source village does not have such resources, then it will try to send resources to build the first 4 buildings in queue, and so on until it try with only first 1st building in queue.

This way we can ensure to send always as much resources as possible to meet or goal and reduce merchants traffic. Also this feature lets you build buildings even faster because you will have resources available in less time.


After it sends the first resources shipment, it will not check the need of resources in destination village until merchants are back to home.

Now with travian bot you will be able to support smaller villages that need resources to grow faster.


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