Supply Buildings Queue Route

Supply Buildings Queue Route helps you to keep your villages buildings under construction all the time. Imagine your empire will never stop building new buildings due to lack of resources. That is the purpose of this route type, to help you to distribute resources among your villages to continue building and growing your infrastructure 24/7 without stopping.

Supply Buildings Queue Route sends resources to one of your villages when they need to build a building from Buildings Queue and has not enough resources to build. Then it calculates how much resources is needed and send it.

Now with TCommander Bot you will be able to support smaller villages that need resources to grow faster.


Adding Supply Buildings Queue Route

Supply Buildings Queue Route becomes available only after you have more than one village in your account. This route type makes sense only to send resource to your own villages.

Creating Supply Buildings Queue Route is very simple, you only need one parameter: destination village.

When you open dialog to create new route, just select destination village from “Destination” dropdown list and select “Supply Buildings Queue” from “Route Type” dropdown list:

Adding Supply Buildings Queue Route

Adding Supply Buildings Queue Route

And finally click “Save” button.

That was very easy!!


Supply Buildings Queue Route Sending Logic

Supply Buildings Queue Route is synchronized with Buildings Queue of destination village. It checks if destination village is lack of resources to build next building in queue, see red message in image below:

Lack of Resources

Lack of Resources


In that exact moment when destination village cannot continue building because of lack of resources, Marketplace Automator calculates how much resources are needed to complete required resources to build and send them.

After it sends the first resources shipment, it will not check the need of resources in destination village until merchants are back to home.


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