Troops Tab

Aug 31, 2018

Say “Good bye” to all tedious multiple clicks in different buildings in order to prepare your troops for battle. You can manage all your troops training, researching and upgrading in a single screen ( troops tab ), hands free!

You can even set automatic troops training if troop is not researched or if training building does not exists. TCommander Bot will start training troops automatically as soon as research is done, as soon as training building is available or as soon as resources are available. You don’t have to worry about anything. Your troops units will be increased automatically while you sleep.


Introducing Troops Tab

In Troops Tab you can manage all your troops training, researching and upgrading for the selected village:

Troops Tab (click to enlarge)


  1. Resources Monitor of current selected village.
  2. Refresh button:
    It will refresh information from all troops buildings: Barracks, Stable, Workshop, Academy and Smithy with a single click.
  3. Resource reservation:
    In this section you can set resources to reserve in warehouse/granary. TCommander will keep those resources in warehouse/granary and will not train/research/upgrades if resources are under the reserved amount. This way you can ensure not to spend resources that you might need for buildings or any other task that requires resources.
  4. Buildings construction priority:
    With this option enabled, TCommander Bot will not train, research or upgrade any troops in there is lack or resources to build any construction from Buildings Queue.
    This helps you to avoid spending resources on troops when you need to build buildings first.
  5. Troops Training section: Here you can manage automatic troops training for all troop types.
  6. Troops Researching and Upgrading section: Here you can manage troops researching and upgrading for all troop types.

Section 5 and 6 together contains 10 rows. Each row represents one troop type. For example first row represents Maceman troop type. In that single row you can manage automatic researching, automatic training and automatic upgrading for maceman:

Maceman row

In the sample image above, you can see maceman is being upgraded and automatic training is also enabled. Let´s see how to use these automatic features in details in the next manuals.


Next Manuals

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